Saturday, 17 September 2011

Red Moon

Red Moon / Lunar Eclipse
Have you ever seen a full Moon? That's the condition when we could see the Moon on a full circle. But that's not the real question. The question is, have you ever seen the Moon with a red color? Yes, that phenomenon is usually called by the Red Moon or Lunar Eclipse. That's the condition when the Moon is turned red by the particles in the Earth's atmosphere. Then, what is caused the Moon to turned red?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Cause of Global Warming

As we know, global warming is happening on our Earth. Global warming is impacting the increase in overall temperature of the Earth. From pole to pole, from one continent to another. All affected by global warming. Global average temperature at Earth's surface has risen 0.74 ° C ± 0:18 (1:33 ± 0:32 ° F) during the last hundred years. Can we imagine what will happen in the future. With all that we do now, global warming is not declining, but growing up.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Aurora Borealis Curtains Alaska

The spark on the Sun is a natural occurrence. The cause is in the core of the Sun. This spark could also move away from the Sun. What's that suppose to mean? That's mean it's dangerous. The spark that move away from the Sun is just like a giant fireball. It could fly in the sky for about a week then disappear. The biggest spark that ever happened is bigger than Jupiter. If it hits the Earth, then we are history.

The Moon

The Moon

The moon, is the only natural satellite that orbiting the Earth. Moon diameter is 3,474 km. Moon is not only as garnish for the Earth. Moon has big effect on Earth, just like affecting water surface on the Earth. Moon also is a beautiful scenery at night. A romantic aura on the night sky. It was a gift that the Earth has the Moon.

There's no atmosphere on the Moon surface. That's why the temperature is fantastic. At noon, the temperature could reach about 100 degree of Celsius. And on the night the temperature is about -173 degree of Celsius.

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