Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Earth, our home
Photo taken from Apollo 11

Earth is the place where we live now. It was a planet, the third planet in our galaxy, Milky Way. Earth is one of the terrestrial planets in the Solar System. A terrestrial planet is a planet that has primary composition of silicate rocks and metal. Earth is usually referred as the World, the Blue Planet, and Terra.

As you already known, and everyone knows about this, Earth is the only planet that has the right composition to enable life beings to be able to live there.
Yeah, we live in this planet, the Earth. There are so many life beings in the Earth. Plants, animals, and we as humans live in the Earth. Earth is our home, a place where we live, everyday, every time. We breath the air in the Earth. It was our precious home, the Earth.

In the Solar System, Earth is the fifth bigger planet. Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Sun is the center of our Solar System, Milky Way. Earth is orbiting to the Sun, just like the other planets in the Solar System.

The moon, is the only natural satellite that orbiting the Earth. Moon is not only as garnish for the Earth. Moon has big effect on Earth, just like affecting water surface on the Earth. Moon also is a beautiful scenery at night. A romantic aura on the night sky. It was a gift that the Earth has the Moon.

Earth's surface is 71% covered by water, a very important thing for all life beings in Earth. And the other percent of the Earth surface is lands. Divided by five continent they are, Asia, Australia, America, Africa, and Europe. The other Earth's composition is air. Earth is the only planet in the Solar System that has the very right composition for humans and all the life beings to life. We breath the air in the Earth.

The conclusion is, Earth is our home, it was a gift that Earth was created. The only place for us to live. It was our home. Our precious home. Without Earth, we cannot live, or even existed. Earth is the place where we found our happiness, we have family, a place to live, and a place to die and our last place for rest. We must see the Earth as something very important to us. We need earth so much. We must keep it growth, keep it clean, keep it healthy. It was Earth, our precious home.


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