Saturday, 17 September 2011

Red Moon

Red Moon / Lunar Eclipse
Have you ever seen a full Moon? That's the condition when we could see the Moon on a full circle. But that's not the real question. The question is, have you ever seen the Moon with a red color? Yes, that phenomenon is usually called by the Red Moon or Lunar Eclipse. That's the condition when the Moon is turned red by the particles in the Earth's atmosphere. Then, what is caused the Moon to turned red?

The Moon is bouncing the light from the Sun. That light coming to our planet, Earth. That light contain red and blue photons. The red photons is the cause of this red Moon.

Our Earth atmosphere is gasses. And those gasses that scattered the blue photons from the Moon. Why is the blue photons scattered but the red one doesn't? That because the blue photons is the one with shorter wavelengths. And the red photons is the one with the longer wavelengths. With the blue photons scattered, the red photons remains on it's way to the Earth surface. Making a red and beautiful glow on the Moon. And this is what makes the sky is blue.

Maybe you noticed that the Moon will look redder when it's on the horizon. That because the light from the Moon need to travel farther to get to your eyes. So that's mean you will see the redder Moon when it is rising or setting. The Moon will look redder.

This phenomenon is also happening to the Sun. The Sun will look redder when it is rising and setting. That because all the light that coming from spaces is crossing the atmosphere first. And when the Sun is setting, we could see beautiful red clouds on the sky.


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