Saturday, 10 September 2011


Aurora Borealis Curtains Alaska

The spark on the Sun is a natural occurrence. The cause is in the core of the Sun. This spark could also move away from the Sun. What's that suppose to mean? That's mean it's dangerous. The spark that move away from the Sun is just like a giant fireball. It could fly in the sky for about a week then disappear. The biggest spark that ever happened is bigger than Jupiter. If it hits the Earth, then we are history.

Then, what's the relation between the spark and aurora. Aurora is happening when the spark reach the Earth. Not mean by the whole spark.

Aurora was formed by the heat of the part of celestial bodies from the sun that was rejected by the Earth's magnetic poles. If that part reaches the Earth, the temperature could reach 70 degrees of Celsius on the night at the Earth Atmosphere.

Aurora could only happen in the area near the pole. That because the pole area is the only area on the Earth that has a big magnetic field.


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