Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Moon

The Moon

The moon, is the only natural satellite that orbiting the Earth. Moon diameter is 3,474 km. Moon is not only as garnish for the Earth. Moon has big effect on Earth, just like affecting water surface on the Earth. Moon also is a beautiful scenery at night. A romantic aura on the night sky. It was a gift that the Earth has the Moon.

There's no atmosphere on the Moon surface. That's why the temperature is fantastic. At noon, the temperature could reach about 100 degree of Celsius. And on the night the temperature is about -173 degree of Celsius.

The Moon surface is full with a scar from asteroids that hit it. The scar is caused by the asteroids. It's then become crater. Why is the Moon not destroyed, that because the Moon structure is a rocky solid. The surface is a solid rock. And nobody knows exactly what's inside the, in the core. Scientist said it was a big iron. However, the Moon doesn't have a magnetic field.

The Moon doesn't have atmosphere. That's why the temperature is changing significantly. And if you put your footprint in there, it won't gone. The footprint will always be there just like the footprints left by the Apollo astronauts. There's no atmosphere, and there's no wind on the Moon.


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