Saturday, 10 September 2011

Earth Statistics

Earth statistics - as we know, Earth is a big planet. The fifth biggest planet in Milky Way, our galaxy. With diameter about 12,756.3 km. And it's mass is 5.972e24 kg. It's a place where we live. It's our home. Earth's orbit distance from the Sun is about 149,600,000 km.

Earth Surface Gravity is 9.78 m/s^2. That's why we fall. Actually the Earth is pulling us with that speed.

Earth is rotating. A 360 degree of rotation is called a day. A day on the Earth is 24 hours. And Earth revolution period to the Sun is 365 days and 5 hours. That's called a year.

Earth is so special. The other thing composing the Earth beside the Earth Layer is the Air. The planet with a perfect composition for life beings to live, that's Earth. The most important thing is air. The composition of the air on the Earth is perfect. They are perfect to breath. With 77% of Nitrogen. 21% of Oxygen. And the other gas about 2%.

Do you know that every planet in Milky Way has it's own planetary symbol? Here is the Earth planetary symbol.

Earth Symbol


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